SPECIAL NOTE......Our VP has been busy checking around about possible trips that have been suggested and here is a summary. Think these over and we can thay talk about them.

Bus trips:
There was some previous discussion about possible bus trips. The member questionnaires mentioned several locations, most of them shows. Following is a list of possibilities for a future trip. (Herkimer conflicts with our picnic.) Springfield may be best with a stay-over. There are quite a few motels in the area with openings Fri nite in the $75-125 range (dbl occupancy). Just a thought. Note they are listed in time from 18848. Carnegie may be a stay over candidate, as well, but motels in the Pitt area could be pricey. I'm certain the bus cost for stay-overs would be costly also, but we do have some cash in the coffers. We can discuss at our next meeting.

Date Location Miles from 18848 Est Time
7/9-10 Syracuse 98 ---- 1:35

7/16-17 (picnic) Herkimer 163 ---- 2:51

8/12-14 Springfield 282 ---- 4:23

8/19-21 Lebanon 140 ---- 2:38

10/1 Macungie 131---- 2:35

? Carnegie 293 ---- 5:10

Much construction still going on......